Island Of Ice And The Snowmites


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The Magic Lives On


Zandeer, the Beautiful Spirit of Children flew swiftly beneath the drifting white clouds of the warm Summer sky. She soared high above the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, like a magnificent bird in flight.

In the distance, she saw a dazzling rainbow light. The sparkling spectrum of colours shone up into the sky off a white Island of Ice.  The beautiful Spirit flew faster and faster towards the bright glow of the glittering colours.

She swooped down and landed upon the white island.  The ground beneath her feet was layers of ice, covered by white fluffy snow.  It was an enormous iceberg, and there at the entrance of a large cave, Zandeer saw one of the five missing pieces of the Mysterious Crystal of Life glowing brightly.

The beautiful Spirit was overjoyed.  Her red-rose coloured lips curved into a jubilant smile, as the glimmering colours of the crystal shone radiantly onto her face.  Zandeer walked towards the cave hearing only the sound of her own footsteps crunching in the snow.  She gazed around the white, endless, empty land, and suddenly felt saddened.

Bewildered, she said to herself; “Hmmmm. This is a strange land. Where are all the humans and animals?” She glanced up towards the clouds. “Oh my!” she exclaimed in dismay seeing the empty sky. “There isn’t even a single bird in the air.”

The beautiful Spirit went inside the cave, and knelt down beside the huge Crystal. She felt so alone. She wished she could leave the deserted Island and return to her home in the heavens to the celestial Kingdom of Heavenina. But that was impossible!  First she had to find a human with a pure heart to become the Guardian for the Mysterious Crystal of Life.

“How will I find a Guardian for the Crystal here?” she said sadly to herself. “No human will ever come to this dreary place.” But in the glow of the Crystal’s mysterious energies Zandeer could not feel sad for long.  “I know!” she exclaimed happily, “I shall use my magical powers to make this land dazzling.”  She leaped up off the ground, stretched out her arms, and spun around and around. Dynamic beams of an electrifying energy blasted out from her fingertips straight into the Crystal.

The Crystal glowed with a blinding light, as its miraculous powers swept across the entire Island of Ice transforming it into an amazing magical iceberg. There was an almighty hissing sound. The icy ground began to crack open. Zandeer stood at the entrance of the cave, and watched with delight as piles and piles of gems emerged up out of the broken ice.  There were many precious stones of all kinds; red rubies, blue sapphires, green emeralds and many, many more.

Crystal Trees sprang up out of the ice. Their branches pushed their way through the snow sending showers of snowflakes through the air.  It was a most incredible sight.  The enchanted Island of Ice now sparkled brightly in the warm sunshine.

Zandeer danced merrily towards the magnificent Crystal Forest. She saw hundreds of tiny crystal keys hanging down from the crystal branches.  The branches swayed in the breeze, and the crystal keys tinkled softly together creating a lovely musical harmony. The Beautiful Spirit began singing a delightful song, as she danced through the Crystal forest towards the edge of the magical iceberg.

“Whispering winds, oh whispering winds.

Carry my voice in the song that I sing.

The mystery I bring, the magic of love.

The magic of love from my world up above.

I sing a song of treasures glowing.

Love from my heart never stops flowing.

The magic of love is now in the snow.

A mystical land where precious gems glow.

Hold the magic. Hold the Love.

Whispering winds hear me sing. Tell the sailors of the magic I bring.

I am a Spirit, a Spirit of Love.

I come from a beautiful world up above.

Whispering, whispering, oh whispering winds…..”

The gentle currents of the ocean surrounding the Island of Ice pulled and pushed the waters, creating swells which washed up against the icy shores.  The rainbow colours of the precious gems skipped across the waves, casting their brilliant glow far out to sea as the winds carried the sweet sound of Zandeer’s voice to far-off lands.

The beautiful Spirit waited and waited.  She stood looking out over the vast blue ocean, longing to see a ship sailing towards her enchanted Island of Ice.  The days turned into weeks, and the weeks passed to months. But still no ship sailed to the magical iceberg.  Time passed and after a year, Zandeer decided to use her magical powers once again.

“I will create a new life for this enchanted Island of Ice, and then, when I leave here, the Guardian of the Crystal will protect them.” She said excitedly. Zandeer went back into the cave and stood behind the Crystal. She closed her eyes and stretched out her arms.  Within her thoughts, she summoned up her most heartfelt wishes. The magic suddenly exploded!  An awesome sound crackled throughout the cave as images of children’s faces flickered through her thoughts.

A wondrous rainbow of light appeared.  When the force of magic became still, all that could be heard was the sound of children’s laughter, and within the colourful beams of light, seven small furry creatures suddenly appeared.  The beautiful Spirit opened her eyes.  Her eyes sparkled bright, as she watched the little creatures stumble around, giggling between themselves.


The furry creatures scampered out of the cave.  Zandeer followed closely behind and she watched as they played happily in the snow.

The little creatures stood in a lone.  They gazed up at Zandeer, their eyes wide open with bewilderment. The beautiful Spirit noticed that each one of them had a different colour of fur.

“You shall be known as the Snowmites.” she laughed gleefully. “And I shall give each of you your own special name. Now what can they be?”  She mused as she glanced around the magical iceberg.  Her gaze fell upon the many different coloured gems glistening brightly in the snow.  “Why of course!” she exclaimed excitedly. “You shall be named after the precious gem which is the same colour as your fur.”

Zandeer smiled down at the first Snowmite standing in the line and beckoned him towards her.  “Your fur is the same colour as the gem Aquamarine. So I shall name you Aqua.”

She turned to the second Snowmite and said, “Your fur remind me of the gem Turquoise. Therefore, your name will be Turquo.”

The third Snowmite sat down in the snow. He looked up at Zandeer shyly and chuckled.  An overwhelming feeling of love filled her heart and she said, “Your fur is not the same colour as a precious gem, but it does resemble a crystal called Gypsum. Gyp is a nice name for you.”

The fourth Snowmite stretched up his arms and yawned loudly, “Yawnnnnn!” Zandeer blinked back her surprise. “Oh my!” she said in astonishment. “You sound very tired.” The little Snowmite yawned again and closed his eyes.  “Well sleepy one, as your fur is the same colour as the precious gem Topaz, I think Topaz she be your name.” she told him.

“I know what my name can be!” said the fifth Snowmite. She spoke boldly and grinned proudly.  Zandeer gazed down at the little Snowmite. “What do you think it should be then?” she asked.

“That one!” answered the little purple Snowmite pointing to a purple gem. The beautiful Spirit laughed happily. “Gosh! You are very clever. That is Fluorite. Would you like to be called Fluo?” asked  Zandeer. The little Snowmite went silent for a moment. “Fluo, Fluo, hmmm, oh yes! I like that name,” she answered beaming a big smile. “It’s super duper.”

A little green Snowmite with a far away dreamy look in her eyes stepped towards Zandeer.  2Your fur is the same colour as the precious gem Jade, ” said  Zandeer. “So my little princess, you shall be called Jadea.”

Finally, Zandeer gazed down at the last Snowmite and said, “Your fur is the same colour as the precious gem Jasper. Jasper is a perfect name for you.”

Fluo tugged at Zandeer’s silky white gown. “Excuse me,” she said politely. “What is the precious gem called that you are named after?”  Zandeer took hold of Fluo’s hand. “I am not named after a precious gem,” she answered in a gentle voice. “Let’s all go sit down in the Crystal Forest. I want to tell you a very special story.” Zandeer and Fluo walked off towards the Crystal Forest, followed by the other six Snowmites.

The beautiful Spirit sat down on a huge diamond rock, and the seven furry Snowmites sat down in front of her. “My name is Zandeer, and I am the Beautiful Spirit of Children.” She began her story. “I come from a mystical world called Heavenina.”

“Oooohhhh, that sounds lovely,” cooed Jadea, smiling dreamily.

“Where is Heavenina?” asked Fluo.

Zandeer pointed up at the sky. “Heavenina is far, far away above those clouds in the sky.  It is in another part of the universe,” she answered.  The Snowmites gazed up at the sky. “Wow!” they exclaimed in sheer astonishment. They looked back at Zandeer, eager for her to continue her story.

“Heavenina is a very mystical world. Every building is made from the rarest of precious gems, the purest gold and the finest silver and magnificent crystals that sparkle brightly.

There are also two moons in our sky, which create a rainbow of the most incredible colours within the clouds. So there is never any darkness in the land of Heavenina.  We are called the Spirits of Love and I am one of the seven Spirit’s who are known as The Spirit Council. We protect our world and guard the Mysterious Crystal of Life.”

“The Mysterious Crystal of Life,” quizzed Aqua bewildered. “What’s that?”

“Do you all remember that big crystal inside the large cave?” Zandeer asked. The Snowmites nodded their heads.  “That’s the Mysterious Crystal of Life, but it is only a very small piece of it.”

“But it’s enormous!” piped up Jasper in disbelief. “It’s even bigger than you.”

“Yes it is. And there are five other pieces which are just as big. When all the pieces were once together, it was one massive Crystal.” explained  Zandeer.

“Wow!” the Snowmites exclaimed flabbergasted. They sat very still, listening carefully, mesmerised by the amazing story.

“Who are the other Spirit’s in the Spirit Council?” asked Turquo, wondering if they were all as nice as Zandeer.

“They are Nymous, the Spirit Lord, Gallius, the Wise Spirit of the Galaxies, Zeprus, the Noble Spirit of Oceans, Zelpha, the Protecting Spirit of Animals, Gadamar, the Gentle Spirit of Nature, and Perilon, the Spirit-Wizard,” replied Zandeer.  “But Perilon is no longer one of the Spirit Council, as he did a very bad thing which changed everything.”


The Snowmites were overwhelmed with curiosity. “What did he do? What did he do?” they shouted out.

“Perilon plotted to steal the Mysterious Crystal of Life, and use it’s mystical powers so he could become the Master of the entire Universe.”

“That’s not very nice, is it?” observed Jadea.

“No it is not,” replied Zandeer. “It is called being greedy and selfish.”

The beautiful Spirit continued on with her story.  “The Spirit Council banished Perilon from Heavenina. Perilon was very angry, and he vowed to take revenge upon us all declaring he would take the Mysterious Crystal of Life, and the Spirit Council could not stop him.”


“I don’t like Perilon!” said Gyp frowning glumly. “He sounds horrible.”

“What happened next?” Fluo asked.

Zandeer sighed deeply, remembering Perilon’s terrible deeds.

She said, “The Spirit Council left Heavenina and journeyed with the Mysterious Crystal of Life to protect it.  We all thought Perilon had gone far away but he was following us.  Then he used his great powers to create a magical storm within the heavens. He tried to strike the Spirit Council with his thunder and lightning, but his electrifying bolt struck the Mysterious Crystal of Life instead and it shattered into six separate pieces. One piece stayed within the heavens but the other five pieces zoomed off at a tremendous speed into the universe.  Perilon raged with fury. He flew away chasing the five speeding pieces of the Mysterious Crystal. Nymous stayed in the heavens to protect the Crystal that was still there, and the rest of the Spirit Council left him to go in search for the five missing Crystals. I soared through the skies and flew over the lands of this planet for a very long time. Then finally, I found one of the missing Crystals on this Island of Ice,” Zandeer sighed, finishing her story about Perilon.


“Are we going to take the Mysterious Crystal of Life back to the heavens with you Zandeer?” asked Aqua excitedly. Zandeer smiled. The little Snowmites were all so adorable.

“No Aqua, we must wait together until a human with a pure heart comes here. He will become the Guardian of the Crystal. He will protect the Crystal from Perilon’s evil clutches, and keep you all safe, and then I will go back to Heavenina.”


A tear began to roll slowly down Gyp’s cheek, as he listened to Zandeer. “Does that mean you are going to leave us?” he cried sadly.

Zandeer gently wiped Gyp’s tear away from his cheek. “Yes Gyp, one day I must leave. This world is not my home.”

“But I don’t want you to go!” wailed Gyp. Suddenly a stream of tears gushed out from his eyes.  “I don’t either!” cried Fluo. She stood up and ran up to Zandeer and hugged her tightly. Aqua jumped up. He rushed over to the beautiful Spirit. “Please don’t go. Please don’t leave us,” he pleaded. Jadea’s eyes filled with tears. “You can’t go. We want you to stay with us, forever and ever,” she sobbed.

“It’s not fair,” huffed Jasper, his arms folded together. “If you must go why can’t you take us with you?”

“I can’t Jasper. This is your world. It is here where you all belong.” Zandeer said in a gentle tone of voice. The little Snowmites felt very sad. It was a terrible feeling.

“Don’t be sad,” said Zandeer reassuring them. “There is something very special you all have to do.” She pointed up at the Crystal Keys hanging down from the crystal branches. “Those Crystal Keys belong to the hearts of real children who also live in this world.  Whenever you see them glowing, it means that the child whose heart the Crystal Key belongs too is feeling sad and lonely and needs you. Sometimes children feel sad because they are being bullied by others, which is not nice. They may be unhappy because they are hungry and have no home, or no-one to look after them. There are lots of reasons why children may often be sad. And your friendship will help them feel happy again.”

The Snowmites listened silently. Finally, Fluo spoke out, “Zandeer are you saying there are others like us living here?”

Zandeer smiled, “Yes Fluo, I am. But children don’t have fur to keep them warm because they don’t actually live on your Island of Ice. This planet is called earth. It has many different countries, and very soon you will all be able to go and visit them.”

Aqua was rather befuddled. Scratching his head, he asked. “But when we know a real child needs us, how will we be able to visit them if they don’t live on our Island of Ice?”

“Why through ‘Magic Dreams’ of course!” Zandeer laughed cheerfully. She knelt down and put her arms around the Snowmites, giving them all a gigantic hug.

“Magic Dreams! Magic Dreams! Wow! Are you saying that we are magic?” Aqua stuttered.

The beautiful Spirit nodded her head, “You certainly are my little ones,” she beamed. “In Magic Dreams you will be able to visit the real children of this world whilst they are sleeping.”

“Wow! Brilliant!” the Snowmites shouted out in excitement. The Snowmites smiled. They felt much better now, knowing they would soon have lots and lots of new friends.

Suddenly the Crystal Keys on the crystal branches began to tinkle again, playing another sweet melody.

“Aaa-ha!” exclaimed Zandeer. “It is time.”

“Time for what?” asked Turquo baffled.

“Why bed-time of course!” Zandeer chuckled. The Beautiful Spirit stood up. She held out her arms towards the Snowmites. “Let us all be happy! Sing, sing, sing, and dance, dance, dance.”

Zandeer began singing another wonderful song. The little Snowmites cheered loudly, and clapped their hands. Then they all started to sing and dance together.

“Close your eyes – go to sleep.

Dream a Magical Mystery.

When you love – you will find.

Magic Dreams of every kind.

Take my hand – I’m your friend.

Special friendships never end.

I am here – just for you.

To make all your dreams come true.

Crystal Keys in our hands.

Island of Ice – our wonderland.

Dream with me – we can go.

In Magic Dreams to a land of snow.

When you wake in the morning’s light.

You’ll remember this special night.

When we found in our dreams.

A land of snow where the sunshine beams.”


The little Snowmites soon began to feel very, very tired. One by one they stopped dancing and yawned wearily. Zandeer led them back into the large cave and watched lovingly, as they all snuggled up into a little snow cradle of their own.


“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,” snoozed Topaz.

“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,” snoozed Turquo.

“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,” snoozed Aqua.

“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,” snoozed Jadea.

“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,” snoozed Fluo.

“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,” snoozed Jasper.

And finally last of all!

“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,” snoozed Gyp.

“Magic Dreams my little ones,” whispered Zandeer, giving each one of the Snowmites a gentle kiss on the forehead.

The beautiful Spirit turned round smiling happily. She blew a kiss into the air. Then she whispered ever so tenderly, for every real child in the world to hear.

“And Magic Dreams to you all.”


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The story of meeting with the spirit of the late Walt Disney in the Actual Death Experiences.

Actual Death Experience – “Teach Me Your Magic!”


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In the Spirit I rose up out of my physical body, and became of the Afterlife.  I hovered in mid-air and beneath me I could see my lifeless physical body lying upon my bed.  Then I felt myself drifting along as I moved towards the bedroom window.

I passed through the bedroom window – out into the openness.  I held myself suspended in mid-air, then suddenly I felt myself flying through the starlit sky at great speed.  I flew upwards, past the drifting clouds, and I heard myself call out the name of Jesus.  The wind brushed against my face as I flew through the air.

A familiar sense of calmness engulfed my entire senses, and I felt the presence of Christ to my left-hand side.  Suddenly a huge bright glowing white light was upon me.  In a moment’s rush the heavens lit up intensely and I felt myself being absorbed into the white light.

I felt myself being gently guided downwards. Then I found myself walking down the corridor within a large building.

The surface of the wooden floor shone with a glimmering light, and along the walls the glass in the wood-framed windows sparkled brightly.  It was breathtaking.  I could feel the essence of creativity in every brick.

A moment later I reached a door to a room, and there I saw two strong-looking men standing outside the room on each side of the door.  I knew only that the two men were there for security, as you could not go into this room unless you had been invited.  When the two men saw me they instantly moved away from the door to allow me to enter.

There inside the room I saw the Spirit of the late Walt Disney. He was standing behind a desk, and I knew he had been expecting me. Then I suddenly heard myself saying to him,

“I want you to teach me the magic of being a storyteller, and in exchange I will share with you the Fairy Tale Jesus has given me.”

Walt smiled and seemed to be pondering upon my words. Then he replied,

“I admire your cheek!” He stepped backwards, and with a wave of his hand a three-foot animated Mickey Mouse appeared, followed by a three-foot animated Donald Duck. The two characters began chasing each other around the room, and I heard Walt laugh, and then he spoke the words,

“Shall we get started then?”

Text From The Book

……………….. ‘In the years that followed, Jesus took my spirit within my Actual Death Experiences on many occasions to meet again with the spirit of Walt Disney. In many ways I became his apprentice, his novice, and as he took me under his wing The Snowmites story-lines took on a whole new lease of life. To say Walt worked me hard is an understatement. Everything he taught me oozed with magic. But incredibly, it wasn’t just an endless flight of fantasy; everything he taught me had an element of common sense: “It’s not believable if people cannot relate to your story. Put yourself in the story. Become the story. Become the characters.”

And that is exactly what I did. Within my ADEs, I became my character Zandeer the beautiful spirit of children, and I went in search for the mysterious crystal of life.’ …………… 

To learn more about my Actual Death Experiences – please see my book – ‘A Journey of Actual Death Experiences’  available now.


Jesus’ Who Am I? Prophecies


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Many readers will probably be wondering, “What are Jesus’ Spiritual Prophecies that she keeps referring too? Are they passages from the Bible? or are they translations of scripture?

The definitive answer is ‘no’ – His Spiritual Prophecies are Jesus’ new divine teachings, and therefore didn’t exist before late 1992 – early1993.

I began having Actual Death Experiences in 1987, and in every single ADE I encountered Jesus. He was the one always waiting for me as I experienced the physical death and passed over into the afterlife. During the years 1987 to early 1992 – the ADEs only occurred every few months. The long period of absence between them did allow me, (from recovery) to live a normal life. But that all changed in the latter part of 1992.

In August 1992, I became a victim of a serious sexual assault within my physical life. The method of the assault was so horrifying that as it was occurring I experienced such a tremendous deep shock everything around me turned into slow motion. It was similar to what happens to soldiers’ when they witness an horrific scence. It was as if I was standing by within the room witnessing the assault rather than being the actual victim.

Following the assault, I could not bring the memory of such to penetrate my thoughts. Every time it tried to surface, fear gripped my sense of being, and I would shake violently. At first I didn’t realise that the shock I had experienced had altered my state of consciousness, resulting in my conscious perception changing. I began suffering from an extreme pain in my head, it was a constant burning sensation, so severe that at times, I couldn’t even move my head or let anyone touch it.

And so His Who Am I? Spiritual Prophecies began…..

I began having the ADEs more frequently, often on a weekly basis, and during the recovery stages I would enter into a trans-state of consciousness where my higher consciousness, (the Spiritual Mind) became my primary consciousness, and then I would begin penning the prophecies. I had no control over the writings, which revealed Jesus as being both the Teacher and as the son of God.

They penned His spoken words with immense revelations of an unconditional love and wisdom. He gave severe warnings, and how we would come to evolve as a human race. He predicted events within the future that then happened. He revealed the existence of the New Heaven and a New Earth. He warned the Church of the ‘Dancing demons of the Evil Mind.’ He spoke of the physical death and of the Spiritual birth. How little we actually understood His purpose. He spoke of our salvation, and of our trust. He explained the composition of the Human Consciousness. He was now also explaining the reason for my ADEs, and everything He had been teaching my Spirit since 1987.

I was always very poorly just before and after an ADE occurred, and although I was still passing through the white light during my experiences – I also began experiencing ADEs, where Jesus  was taking my Spirit to witness the physical lives of people who were still alive.

There I would stand next to Jesus observing the words spoken and the actions of the individuals around me. These miracle sightings came to be included within His prophecies, and then later confirmed to be accurate by the individual concerned. It wasn’t always just a random individual, (who I’d then later meet within my physical life) or a person known to me. Many of them involved well-known public figures. The Church, The Crown and The Government.

For the benefit of a scientific viewpoint – these particular styled ADEs do go against the present argument  in which science considers an ADE, (NDE) is nothing more than an illusion or a false memory.

His Who Am I? Prophecies not only give answers for a science involvement but they also reveal a miracle beyond our words. If you  just briefly take me out of the equation – forget I was also standing in the Spirit next to Jesus observing the words and actions of the individuals involved, and what are you left with?

You are left with Him with Jesus Himself standing within the physical lives of people – witnessing everything they are doing and saying. He wasn’t in heaven looking down upon them. He was standing right next to them. He was once again actually walking amongst man.

The Promise Of Father Carey

Dear Reader,

As outlined in my ‘Note To Reader’ post I set a goal to share with you my readers the personal narrative that was the foundation of my published book – ‘A Journey Of Actual Death Experiences’. This is my first recount of my diary entries that I originally penned on; 02/04/2013 – so now four years later we will review and offer fresh perspective of my penned entry.

Originally Authored: 02/04/2013 [00:00] GMT

Each day brings me a better understanding for everything.  Sometime in the early 90’s, I had an ADE in which Jesus showed me what was to become of the actual Church building of Our Lady’s Star of the Sea. I saw that the church building was being dismantled piece by piece. When I saw this, I thought, ‘oh my! why is this happening?’

When I first began writing the Who Am I? Prophecies of Jesus (early 1993 – 1996). Jesus instructed me to surrender His prophecies to Father Carey of  Our Lady’s Star of the Sea, Catholic Church, upon these pages Jesus revealed to Father Carey that the Catholic Church would come under attack.

Father Carey promised he would come and visit me to discuss Jesus’ Who Am I? Prophecies and His new divine teachings but he never did.

Every time, I saw Father Carey out in the square, I would beg him to visit me and he continued to promise he would – reassuring me that he believed I was telling the truth about being with Christ in the Spirit. But still he never came.

Many times I would seek him out at the Church itself. Fretful and fearing I was doing something wrong. I would throw myself down on the floor within the Church in front of Father Carey, my heart obviously breaking, the tears falling in gushes from my eyes, and I would call out to him. “I am telling you the truth. It is Jesus who has come again.” Father Carey would just simply smile and reply, “I know you are child.”

Many years later Jesus took my Spirit in an Actual Death Experience and showed me the truth of Father Carey. In such,  I saw whenever Father Carey saw another brown envelope with my familiar handwriting in his post box, he would mutter, ‘oh no! Not another one.’

Being shown Father Carey’s truth broke my heart for I had been waiting for him for such a long time.

You cannot say or agree that you will receive something in the Lords name and then do nothing about it; especially if you have promised you will do something, for in this you are being of untruth.

But it is easy to now see, Father Carey didn’t believe me as he said he did. If his words had been of truth then he would have done something about those biblical revelations of Jesus’ Who Am I? Prophecies. And so Father Carey’s ‘untruth’ took him away from God’s light and protection, and opened the door to permit the ‘dragon’ to attack his Church. And just as Jesus foretold within His Who Am I? Spiritual Prophecies – the devil was going to plague the Catholic Church, and it did.

The day has drained me. I am so tired now, and wishing I could have a natural sleep again.  We have been given so many wonderful things. The future is going to be very exciting.  I understand and I accept, I will be revealing some-things that not everyone is going to like but His Who Am I? Prophecies are Jesus’ teachings not mine.

Let it be of understanding – “Do you believe this woman is with Christ in the Spirit? If you do as you claim – then you should be speaking of His Who Am I? Spiritual Prophecies to your congregation. Your silence shouts to God, “I do not believe her.” If this is your truth then tell the woman you do not believe her, and only then are you standing in truth in the Lords name.”

End of Entry.

Four Years On …

As I reflect back on this entry I still have a sense of sadness surrounding the memory of Father Carey. My sorrow now is not for Farther Carey’s actions but more so for what became of the Church in the years that followed 1993.

Before Jesus instructed me to surrender His Who Am I? Prophecies to Farther Carey I had no association with Catholic Church. However I could see the wisdom in Jesus’ instructions to give these teachings to the Church, as the Church itself has become a vital important aspect of many communities throughout the world. It seems logical that He would use this medium to once again spread his new teachings of peace, love and compassion.

It is easy to pen as I did in these diary entries of 2013 that the Church has been under attack. The exposure of paedophilia within the Church over the years has ripped its foundation apart, resulting in millions of the faithful finding themselves questioning the actions of the Church, and many were unable to continue being part of the Church’s community.

Although the sexual abuse scandal became of the public domain in the 90’s. In the early 90’s when Jesus’ Who Am I? Prophecies were first being authored, we did not have computers or the internet as we do now, so public knowledge of such in the beginning was limited. However, in His Who Am I? Spiritual Prophecies Jesus warned the Church about paedophilia and its consequences, not only within the Church but also within our communities.

I often wonder if the Church had acknowledged His Who Am I? Prophecies as they were being actually written, (1993-1996)   then would the Church have confronted the issues of sexual abuse differently? I believe it most certainly would have. I also believe the victims (all victims) could have found peace sooner – in the knowledge of knowing regardless of whether the abuser was a man of the cloth, a millionaire, or a member of the community – they would all come to stand before Him with their truth.

I can only tell you what I saw happening to the Spirit of one man who chose to live his life as a paedophile. He appeared to all, to be of a strong Christian faith, a wealthy man who had worked hard all his life, and was seen as a pillar of the community…. His fate was no different from all those who committed these crimes against innocence.

In Jesus’ Who Am I? Prophecies, He refers to these teachings as ‘the Dancing Demons of the Evil Mind.’

In one particular Actual Death Experience, I came to witness Jesus sewing a torn garment. When I asked Him ‘why was it that He was holding the needle to sew the damaged cloth, when surely such a tedious chore could be given to one of His disciples?’

Jesus replied, “I am mending the broken societies.”

Text From The Book

 “In the distance I saw what seemed like a tremendous dark cloud, like a giant tornado raging towards us at a great speed destroying everything within its path.  It roared towards us echoing the sounds of an almighty deafening thunder, and it was far darker, far louder than anything my Spirit had ever seen or heard before.  As it neared, I saw it appeared to have a huge wide mouth, and it seemed to take the position of being below to where we were standing.”……..   

            ‘and at that very moment, I saw the mouth of darkness swallow up his Spirit.’





Dear Santa… How The Magic Began

Dear Santa…

Santa's Secretary 5

In war-torn Britain, the Liverpool Blitz dropped on sheltered communities of Merseyside the devastating bombs of the German Luftwaffe. In the midst of destruction one man stood for love, compassion and most of all magic. John Gilmour my grandfather walked down the debris filled streets of a once beautiful and thriving community with one goal. To return the magic of Christmas to the children who otherwise had lost everything; left behind in the great evacuation.

Pushing a home-made cart John dressed as Father Christmas gave out presents to children of the community who we’re in desperate circumstances, and even though he could not prevent their prolonged suffering brought about by the destruction of war. John Gilmour gave them hope and magic through gifts and captivating stories that would spell-bound the children of the neighbourhood.

He was my grandfather; and for as long as I can remember I too was captivated by the magic he weaved. For it became a family tradition to spread the beauty of magic to the people who needed it the most. On my Grandfather’s passing his son; James Gilmour JR my father’s brother took on the mantle of Farther Christmas in the 1960’s with the same goal.

There was to be however something more with my Uncle Jimmy’s magic as Father Christmas; although he never married, and never had children of his own. Uncle Jim spellbound thousands of children every year through the ‘Dear Santa Letter Service’ a free service where children could write to Santa Claus and received a personal penned reply from the great-beard man himself (Uncle Jimmy).

To add to this he started the ‘Dial-A-Santa Service’ where children could call-up Farther Christmas himself with their Christmas Wish List.

But to make this happen Uncle Jimmy needed a Santa’s Secret Workshop but considering British Telecom did not have phone lines stretching to the North Pole. With Santa himself also already having a workshop there, Uncle Jimmy decided to create his Santa’s Grotto in Wavertree, Liverpool a joke shop aptly called “The North Pole”. An all year round grotto where children could visit and experience the magic of Christmas. He also recorded a vinyl record of his Christmas message to cater for the visually-impaired children; so they too could experience the magic of Christmas.

Santa's Secretary 10

In 1987 the family legacy of weaving the magic of Christmas passed to myself but unlike my predecessors I was the first woman to take up this mantle handed down through the generations. I became Elf Pipkin – Santa’s Secretary, and continued my Uncle Jimmy’s ‘Dear Santa Letter Service’ answering over 20,000 children’s letters a year all addressed to the jolly man himself.

Elf Pipkin had a lot of work and it was no easy task to complete but with the help from other elves we managed to continue the tradition that my Grandfather started forty-seven years earlier.

Santa’s Secret Office moved its location from Wavertree to the seaside town of Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire (technically more north than Wavertree). A house where you would see all year round elves coming and going and outside a huge glowing statue of Santa Claus stood in the front garden.

And the magic of Christmas didn’t stop at the doorstep of the Secret Office. The powerful energy of Love swept through the little northern town by the Sea. Grown-up’s came together, and the town Mayor with all the local shops joined in with a ‘Santa Parade.’

Large empty boxes were placed in the shops – as the countdown to Christmas began. The community brought either used quality toys that were no longer being used or purchased new toys, and placed them into the boxes.  Then on the last Saturday before Christmas day – Santa and his elves collected the boxes, singing merrily as they worked away, and interacting with the shop-keepers and their customers.

With the help of the elves, local children wrapped the toys, and they were sent off to children’s charities.

Weaving Christmas magic and sending Love – all the way from Lytham, St. Annes – the little town where dreams came true…..

Text From The Book

“For my part in the family tradition, I was limited in what I could do.  I didn’t have my Uncle Jim’s deep, velvety voice that excited a mesmerised child on the other end of the telephone, and my female appearance didn’t create a convincing Santa Claus look. 

     Uncle Jim mulled over the problem, and within a matter of minutes he had found the solution. 

     “I know who you can be,” he announced cheerfully, the sparkling glint of excitement returning to his eyes, “You can be my Secretary!” 

     At first, I wasn’t over-enthusiastic at the thought of just being a Secretary.  It sounded so ordinary in such a beautiful world of magic, but I should have known better.  My Uncle Jim did not do ordinary. 

     “You’ll make an absolutely wonderful Elf!” he grinned, sketching out his vision of the new me with custom-made pointed ears, and dressed in a green costume complete with yellow bobbles and silver bells.  And that was the beginning of my role as Santa’s Secretary – the strict and extremely bossy Elf Pipkin. 

To learn more about my Story – please see my book – ‘A Journey of Actual Death Experiences’  available now.


Actual Death Experience – “Are You My Lord Jesus?”


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jesus 2

I stood gazing around at my surroundings.  The mountains of clouds folded into each other, blanketing my view in every direction.  I was a lone figure amidst a sanctuary of light.  I reached down and trailed my hand through the soft, flowing, velvety white clouds.  As my hand gently passed through the smoothness, the clouds scattered in slow motion, floating upwards and drifting along in the air. I was able to make things move here in this world.  In a world where I was standing in the Spirit.  The existence of life without the physical body.  I belonged to this world.  I have finally returned home.  There was not a sound to be heard.  The stillness of silence lingered all around me, yet I knew, I knew, I was being touched by the very essence of life itself.  Sensing the glorious setting of harmony, I felt at peace here in this world.  I did not want to close my eyes upon the beauty before me; not wanting even the darkness of a blink from the flutter of my eyelids to take me away from this spiritual utopia.

Alerting my attention, I caught sight of a small group of people in the distance walking towards me.  I could hear them individually speaking to me through the vibrations of their footsteps.  I knew only not to concern myself with thoughts questioning their identity, for everything would be revealed to me, and I had nothing to fear.  Within moments they were all standing by my side, and they gathered around me in a horseshoe circle.  I noticed they were all male, and dressed in long, off-white flowing robes.  Without any vocal sound being made, I heard one of them say,

“We are the true disciples of Jesus.”

I remained silent. I understood his words but I was unable to utter a sound.

Suddenly, the sole figure of a man walked out from behind the clouds.  He stepped forward and stood directly in front of me.  His presence emanated a majestic aura, which bestowed an immense beauty of magnificence.  The sudden sense of ‘knowing’ captured my entire being.  Instinctively I knew this man was Jesus, yet still I was unable to say anything.

I became aware of His disciples gently guiding me within my thoughts: Honour the Son of God.  Immediately I lowered my head to bow respectfully before Him, and finally I was able to speak.

“Are you my Lord Jesus?” I heard myself asking Him. I don’t know why I had asked Him this question.  I knew without any uncertainty He was Jesus. There was no mistaking the ambience I felt in His presence – the purity of an unconditional love, asserting great authority.  Then He spoke.

“Why do you ask Child, do you not know?”  His tone was commanding, yet also soothing.  I fell to my knees, overwhelmed with remorse.  Why had I asked such a foolish question when I knew who He was?  Did I truly have so little faith in my own senses?

Jesus placed a large wooden cross in the form of a necklace over my head.  The height of the cross touched my knees, and I heard Him say, “Do not be afraid Child, for you shall always be protected.” 

There I remained upon my knees, surrounded by His disciples, as Jesus turned and walked back into His heavenly paradise.  A moment later, I was back in my physical body.

Text From The Book

……………….. ‘It may have been minutes or even hours later.  I do not know for certain how long it takes for me to return back into my physical body after an Actual Death Experience.  The concept of time seems to have no significance over the events occurring when I am in the Spirit, regardless of whether I am having the Actual Death Experience or I am back in my physical body, and waiting for my heart to start beating again.’ ……. 

To learn more about my Actual Death Experiences – please see my book – ‘A Journey of Actual Death Experiences’  available now.


The Magic Lives On…


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Surprise, Surprise!

It was a day I will never forget, the phone rang and I picked it up and I heard my friend Kim Dunn on the other end. She could hardly contain her excitement; she said to me “I am going on Cilla Black’s Surprise Surprise Show, please say you will come with me Bev”. “Brilliant” I replied; curious this wasn’t something that would normally happen in our lives. “Why are you appearing?” I asked; I wanted to know more, Kim began to explain “I wrote to Cilla asking if she could find my long lost uncle for me and she has found him; so we are going to London to be reunited”.

A week later me and Kim were busy getting ready in the hotel room provided by the studio; it was so posh, we were in our element. Everything had been arranged for us; we had hair-dressers, make-up and other professionals attending to us – it was a proper day of pampering.

Sitting in the audience with Kim I was so pleased she was about to be reunited with her long lost uncle. Cilla Black introduced Alfred Marks, he sat down on a lone chair positioned in the centre stage and then began to speak. “Once upon a time there were some little creatures called The Snowmites”. I felt the colour drain from my face; had I heard correctly? Alfred continued “Two of them Fluo & Gyp decided on an outing…”.

Fluo & Gyp flashed up on screen; I had heard correctly these were my characters that I had spent the last year writing about for a children’s book. Suddenly it dawned on me and I realised what was happening, I had been HAD!! Kim looking cheekily at me laughed. She had lured me down there to the studio on false pretences we weren’t there for her uncle, she had wrote in to the programme and told them all about my Snowmite stories.

Cilla called me down to her famous sofa; my legs felt weak as my heart began to race, I was convinced that I was going to fall flat on my face and make a total fool of myself on national television.

Cilla was gracious and regal when asking me about my stories; even though I was shaking as I sat next to her. Here was a national celebrity and she was talking about me – I couldn’t believe it. We sat back as Alfred Marks finished reciting my story ‘Gyp’s Brave Adventure’. He spoke with a deep velvety voice filled with warmth; almost hypnotic. But to my surprise even when Alfred had finished the story Cilla still had another surprise install for me.

“But were not finished with you yet Beverley; we’ve got one more little surprise for you” said Cilla as she chuckled. “Oh your Kim sitting out there is a bit of a dibble you know” continued Cilla in her famous scouse accent, I was bewildered what other surprise could she possibly mean. “Yes she wrote and told me all about your school friend who you haven’t seen for years, you’ve been trying to get in touch with her desperately and with no luck. But we got our experts to work at this; and we found your old school friend and here she is” Cilla paused, the twinkle of mischief reflected in her eyes. “Say hello to Mandy, remember Mandy? – Mandy Hughs” announced Cilla.

It was a wonderful night we went on to celebrate in our nation’s capital, we all went dancing, and Mandy and I shared our life’s stories. We were best friends again; like we once were as children.

You can watch the Surprise Surprise & People Today on Youtube.

You can purchase Island of Ice & The Snowmites on Amazon UK.

Newspaper Article6

Alison – I Wonder?


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Dear Reader,

As outlined in my ‘Note To Reader’ post I set a goal to share with you my readers the personal narrative that was the foundation of my published book – ‘A Journey Of Actual Death Experiences’. This is my first recount of my diary entries that I originally penned on; 01/04/2013 – so now four years later we will review and offer fresh perspective of my penned entry.

Diary 1

Originally Authored: 01/04/2013 [00:00] GMT

I wonder if Jesus’ journey of my spirit will become of the public domain after today! Or is that part of His journey still months, years away? It has been such a long time and I am so very, very tired. I have been sensing a lot of movement around me! I know the house is going to be empty soon. I wonder who will respond first; will it be the Church or will it be the world-wide web? Alison, will find her tears. The feeling of a great weight upon her; she as with all the others have been blessed by the healing of Jesus for her life. The heavy reality – she has been carrying the cross of Jesus on her shoulders. I often wonder how all the others are doing now in their lives! all I can say is I know at the the end, they will all find their love.

End of Entry.

Four Years On …

It has now been four years later and in many ways I am still waiting. Although perhaps I could write that I have now answered my own question – in writing this blog and in having my book published, it will be the world-wide web that comes first before the Churches with Jesus’s journey of my Spirit and his new divine teachings.

I can say that I did try – I tried with every ounce of energy that I had left to do as Jesus had instructed my Spirit.  In one particular Actual Death Experience – He revealed that He wanted me to take His new teachings to the Churches.

It was serious, and I needed the Churches to listen, as it was of His wish that the Churches enlighten the people. All the representatives I encountered apart from two conveyed that they believed I was with Christ in the Spirit. I left each encounter feeling fulfilled and happy, I had done everything Jesus had asked of me then I waited with baited breath – waited for the celebrations to begin.  But nothing happened.

The moment I had walked out of the Church I had been forgotten and my truth had subsequently been dismissed.

Finally 2016 I could wait no more for the Churches and so I wrote my book, but I knew that I had to give it one more try before publication. I sent a copy of the finished manuscript to the Archbishop of Canterbury and he replied that he believed me, he then further instructed me to go out and speak to “like-minded Christians” in order to gain authenticity. I left a copy of the manuscript with a senior minister of a local church – St. John the Divine; the minister Ann Wood agreed at the behest of the Archbishop to make a report of her findings.

A month later when I met with her at the vicarage, she informed me to my disappointment that she could not find Jesus in the book. Ann compared what I had written to the text of the New Testament; failing to see that these were His new teachings. The saddest aspect of it all is that we could of proved so easily Jesus’ journey of my Spirit if only the Churches had truly believed me.

It has been a miracle without question, every single person whom I have encountered, in my physical life since 1992 has been affected in one way or another. Once they became of my company I felt myself reflecting back to the person; the truth of their own hearts.

Alison was just one lady; she was a beautiful woman who believed in Jesus with all her heart. but she lived her life with the heavy burden of trying to please everyone. Even those who did not understand her love, it made her sad and this sadness created a negative energy that entered her life. I can only hope that the reflection of truth of Alison’s heart was able to heal the pain she was feeling.

Jesus does not want us to be sad in our love for him.

Love & Peace.

Note To Reader


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WhatsApp Image 2017-04-04 at 5.14.03 PMDear Reader,

For those who may have clicked on this page by chance and have yet to read anything about me – I live with a chronic medical condition known as ‘ADE’ – Actual Death Experiences, (aka Near Death Experiences). It is where I experience the physical death and subsequently undergo a spiritual journey, only to then come back from death and live once more with the full memory of what transpired during my Actual Death Experience.

Recently, I finished writing and had published a book titled ‘A Journey of Actual Death Experiences’ in which I describe several ADEs and then I give the reason behind why I had the experience. In many ways the book is a finished, polished examination of my condition – written from the perspective view as a woman and mother of children rather than a science viewpoint.

I would now like to start sharing with my readers a more personal narrative, exploring together the raw materials, which detail the first hand ‘thinking process’ which offers insight into the exposed emotional feelings and understanding that I experienced before and after an ADE. The feelings of love, anger, fear, acceptance and the rejection and how I had to adjust my life to be able to live with the perpetual experiences of the physical death.

During one particular period, April 2013 to May 2015, I became bedridden. The physical effect the ADEs had upon my health was so severe, I could not function normally. I suffered from paralyse, episodes of blindness and total deafness.

When I was able, I became overwhelmed with a need to write, and I began writing hand-written diary entries. I was writing in a trans-state of consciousness – asking questions and revealing my feelings on one level of consciousness, and then answering myself from the level of my higher consciousness – my spiritual mind.  In many sense it can be deemed that I was simply ‘writing myself back to recovery.’

In this blog it is my intention to share with my readers extracts of the actual diary entries, and I will discuss how I now feel about the words I penned.  I want to take my readers on the emotional journey I experienced – encourage comments from my readers, and together start an online debate, ‘the Human Consciousness (SOUL) project.’ The aim is to open up a channel of awareness for the Actual Death Experience for people interested in the phenomena, and also to allow other people who have experienced an ADE or NDE to discuss their own inner-most feelings without the fear of rejection or being considered as suffering from a mental health issue.

In my ADE’s, I have been shown that the human consciousness is the core of our spiritual essence.  Over the last three decades we have seen a peak in public interest  for the existence of an Afterlife, and scientific investigations exploring the ADE, and investigations in trying to also establish the origin of the human consciousness.

Many scientists believe that the human consciousness is merely a by-product of the brain, and that the Actual Death Experience or Near Death experience is nothing more but an illusion or  an visual episode triggered from false memories.

I am no scientist, and I certainly wouldn’t consider myself to be on the same intellectual level but I do know what I have experienced, every emotion I have felt and all the teachings that Jesus has taught me from the Actual Death experiences that I’ve had.

In such, I can write without hesitation that the origin of the human consciousness is the spiritual energy that connects us all together within the universe, and that it does truly ‘exist and change’ post-death, and it is not a by-product of the brain.  I can also write without hesitation that the physical death is a transition of human consciousness, and we exist in a state of awareness within an afterlife.

In every single Actual Death Experience I have encountered Jesus and although many people will assume that His involvement is associated to a particular religion – Christianity and etc. I know from my many encounters with Him that the notion of religion does not exist within the Spirit. This has led me to understand that even though the world may harbour many different religious teachings of Him. His teachings are actually universal and without the scrutiny of religion, therefore I can conclude that religion holds no position within the Afterlife, only the glory of His name and His presence.

The Actual Death Experience is a doorway to a means of discovery –  helping us to learn how to live our physical lives in a more constructive and peaceful way – united together as one in the positive energy of love that is the origin of the spirit – the consciousness………

Love & Peace.



About the Author


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Bev 001 (2)

Beverley Gilmour

Beverley Gilmour has lived with chronic Actual-death Experiences since 1987. Her Actual-death Experiences occur frequently, often as many as three to four times a month. She is the only known medical case in the world to be currently treated by the medical sector for chronic Actual-death Experiences and she is also registered disabled for the condition.

Beverley began her writing career as Children’s Author in 1986; creating a series of fantasy characters, ‘The Snowmites’ and she secured a publishing deal in 1991. Inspired by experiencing many encounters with the spirit of the late Walt Disney during her Actual-death Experiences, she re-vamped her characters and story-lines and her first book, ‘Island of Ice and the Snowmites’ Found Here was published in 2009.

In 2017 Beverley released her second book entitled ‘A Journey Of Actual Death Experiences – Who Am I? The New Divine Teachings of Jesus’. Found Here but unlike her children fantasy book, her new book takes us on a journey of the last thirty years of Beverley’s life living with Actual-death Experiences and details compelling accounts of the experiences of the afterlife and what awaits us all once we have passed over.

It is Beverley’s intention to prove not just in spirituality but also science combined as detailed in her book, that the human consciousness not only exists after the physical death; but also exists and ‘changes’ post-death. Beverley hopes to form and grow a new project the ‘Human Consciousness Scientific Observational Learning’ [SOUL] Project; changing the way the scientific world understands the Actual-death Experience and the impact it has on the “experiencer” itself.

She now spends her time writing screenplays inspired by her Actual-death Experiences, and she holds private consultations to help people understand their Ade. She is also involved in giving public presentations on Actual-Death Experiences.

Beverley graduated from The University of Central Lancashire after studying an honours degree in Film, Television and Screen-writing. In September 2017, she will be returning to the University to study her Ph.D in Psychology.

Her true life story is as inspiring as it is frightening. Now for the very first time, she opens her heart and her life to share with the world, her graphic accounts of both life and death.

Updated March 2017