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Dad - John Gilmour

I became of the Spirit within the Afterlife. There I found myself standing before Christ in a place that was not of this earth, the old earth, nor was it a place of the New Earth. I knew only that I was standing within the clouds in a place of reflection and knowledge.

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In the distance, I saw the figure of a man walking towards me. As he came closer, I realised it was the Spirit of my late father John Gilmour, who had passed over in 1982.

It was the first time Jesus had taken my Spirit to meet with my dad’s Spirit. His appearance was the same as when he had passed over, aged fifty-two. A sudden surge of love filled my entire senses. I loved my dad dearly, and missed him greatly.

Now his presence before me overwhelmed me. I wanted to hug him, and ask him so many questions but I couldn’t as I was not allowed to speak. I knew only, I was there to listen.

Suddenly I heard my dad say the words,

“Learn to do as you are told Beverley.” Then he just stood there without saying another word.

I was confused. What did he mean, I had to learn to do as I was told? Why hadn’t he told me how happy he was to see me and how much he loved me? Why hadn’t he told me not to worry about him? Did he not know that I thought about him every day?

As I stood looking at him, I sensed he was staring straight at me, but at the same time I could see that our eye contact was not meeting. His gaze seemed to be focused to my left. I also noticed that he seemed to be en-framed in something apparently three-dimensional.

Jesus then returned my Spirit back into my physical body, and breathed life into me once again.

Text From The Book …

“I wrote earlier in the Who Am I? prophecies of Jesus, [1993-1996] that this particular Actual Death Experience reveals several Spiritual teachings.  The first concerns what becomes of our Spirit if we abuse alcohol within our physical lives.  In his physical life, my dad had been a heavy drinker. He would start drinking alcohol as soon as he woke up in the morning, and continue drinking throughout the day. He eventually died on October 9th 1982 from cirrhosis of the liver.

In this ADE, Jesus was teaching me the reality of the Who Am I? journey of my dad’s Spirit created by his alcohol abuse.  The three-dimensional surrounding of his Spirit represented the familiar sense of the ‘physical displacement’ that usually occurs after an individual has had too much alcohol. When my dad was staring straight at me but our eye contact was not meeting, he was actually having double vision, and so he was staring at his illusion of me. 

The second aspect to this ADE is in the words my dad spoke to me, ‘learn to do as you are told Beverley.’ I can remember that my initial thoughts after recovering from this particular ADE were of disappointment, which then provoked a sudden roller coaster ride of emotions.  The sheer disappointment I felt was in my dad’s message. It was just so austere, not at all in character.  

We had always been very close, and we had a very loving relationship. Even though he was constantly under the influence of alcohol, he was never an angry or violent man. He was always ready with a hug whenever I felt sad. On reflection, I can’t remember there ever being a time when my dad actually disciplined me. We just didn’t have that kind of relationship.

Indeed the Actual Death Experience with my dad’s Spirit had truly left me bewildered, and it wasn’t until six years later, when I encountered my dad’s Spirit for the second time within an ADE that my dad was able to explain that he had been within his own Who Am I? journey, in which Jesus had been teaching his Spirit the need and importance for a parent to discipline and have parental control over their children.  

This second ADE with my dad’s Spirit was in 1992, and I was captivated by the difference in his appearance. He now looked much younger, healthier and stronger. His image reflected his physical life as he was within his thirties. He spoke about love, and he was wise beyond comprehension. He did not need to tell me he was happy, and at peace, his aura projected his love for me, and his feelings of contentment radiated all around him. He was now of his eternal life with Jesus upon the New Earth. His Spiritual body now bore the image of a period in which he had been the most happiest within his physical life.” 

To learn more about my Actual Death Experiences – please see my book – ‘A Journey of Actual Death Experiences’  available now.

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