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Around the Earth in its Global Form

In the Spirit I became, and Jesus carried my Spirit away to be of His Teaching. He held my Spirit, – keeping me safe within His protective embrace.  We journeyed together into the heavens. I felt the wind beneath me, folding around me like a blanket.  The whispering breeze caught me, – lifting me up higher and higher.

We soared into the voiceless echo’s of the uncharted realms of His mystifying universe. Then Jesus held me suspended in the folds of Space.  I became as a lantern without a rod, as He turned me slowly around to view my wondrous surroundings. In the distance, the stars twinkled brightly, – then glowed softly, as if they were in harmony together, exchanging a mysterious song.

In a moments rush, Jesus took my hand, and together we flew at a tremendous speed down towards the planet earth.  Then we journeyed around the planet in its global form, and we returned back into the universe. Once again I was caught suspended in Space.

Jesus then returned my Spirit back into my physical body, and I became of my physical life again…..

Text From The Book.

“In an Actual Death Experience following this incredible ADE, Jesus explained His teaching to me,

          ‘I have carried your Spirit around the Earth in its global form, and returned your Spirit safely back into your body, – why do you still not trust?’ 

His revelation came as shock to me.  How could Jesus say I didn’t trust Him? I was mortified. I loved Jesus with all my heart, and trusted Him completely.  It would be ludicrous not to trust Him.  Sadly, what we think we believe and what we truly believe are often very different.” 

To learn more about my Actual Death Experiences – please see my book – ‘A Journey of Actual Death Experiences’  available now.

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