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As outlined in my ‘Note To Reader’ post I set a goal to share with you my readers the personal narrative that was the foundation of my published book – ‘A Journey Of Actual Death Experiences’. This is my first recount of my diary entries that I originally penned on; 07/04/2013 – so now four years later we will review and offer fresh perspective of my penned entry.

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Originally Authored: 07/04/2013 [11:46 pm] GMT

The exhaustion is horrendous, I’m so very, very tired. I long for all this to be out in the open; for the truth to finally be told; anything is surely better than feeling tired and worn out all the time.  It really doesn’t help me feel any better or stronger while my family don’t understand what is going on around me.  They don’t realise how much pain I have to endure every day, so they are asking things of me which I really can’t do for them, and of course when I don’t do it, they then think bad of me.

The boys know to just leave me alone and I will do my best to find some energy but although they just leave me to get on with it, I know they check on me often, I know because they tell me they do and besides they have a habit of drinking my coke which is always by my bedside, (lol).

I have noticed I haven’t heard from T in about a week. He is such a foolish man. He truly thinks he can blackmail me for Jesus’ Who Am I? Prophecies. I’ve started to remember that horrendous ‘evil Spirit’ that was in his physical image. It came out of the wall in Durham Avenue when I was in my make-shift bedroom downstairs……

End of Entry.

Four Years On …

It is only on reflection now that I can fully appreciate the snowball events that took place within my life, and how my Actual Death Experiences have been to save me from an existence lost to the shadows of darkness. How even in 2012 when I penned these journals, I still didn’t fully comprehend the traumatic nightmare I had experienced at the hands of one man.

I can now realise how terrified I was. Earlier on that evening leading up to this sighting in August 1992, I had been assaulted. The severity of the assault had caused my conscious levels to split apart and as a result on a conscious level, I was rapidly regressing back to my childhood, replacing the incident which occurred that night to a memory that had happened to me when I was just a toddler.

At the time I could not comprehend the encounter I had with the ‘evil Spirit’ – the creature that had suddenly appeared in my room, as the fear was far too great.

I knew it was real at the time because I rushed out of the room in sheer terror. The evil creature chased after me. I tried to run up the stairs two at a time to get away from it but I couldn’t escape. It was upon me in seconds.

It grabbed hold of my legs, and dragged me back down the stairs. I flipped over onto my back; fear penetrated my heart. I had almost been at the top of the stairs and it had pulled me back down to near the bottom steps. It was such a gruesome creature. I could feel it biting at my legs as if it was trying to eat me, – tearing at my flesh. I felt the pain as its fangs tore into my legs but I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t scream out – somewhere deep down inside my regressing consciousness, there was still a flickering light of my identity and my thoughts fell upon my children sleeping safely in their bedrooms upstairs. I knew no matter what, I could not let this evil know there were children in the house.

I kicked. I kicked hard at it. I kept kicking at it over and over again as I muffled out the sounds of my own screams. I held onto the banister; relentlessly trying to pull myself back up to the top of the stairs.

I really don’t know how I managed to escape it but somehow I did. I scrambled into the  hallway upstairs and ran into my husbands bedroom. He was asleep, I shook him awake violently, and made him hold me. I just wanted to feel safe.

In the morning the marks on my body were visible. I was covered in bruises and deep scratches, and my legs were covered in blood…..


Text From The Book

“I couldn’t believe it! Not the hospital again, it was the last thing I needed or wanted.

     “No don’t please don’t!” I begged, “I’m alright really I am, it will go away soon.”

But Dr. Bambus wasn’t listening. She was insistent on sending me to the hospital. In desperation, I knew I had to try and explain.

     “No I’m alright really. I have ADEs, and this has something to do with them. I’m not pregnant.”

My pleads fell upon deaf ears, and within minutes I was back in an ambulance being rushed up to the hospital. I began panting again, and in-between breaths I kept telling the ambulance men I wasn’t pregnant, explaining that I just kept swelling up.

This time I was rushed into A&E, and wheeled off into a side room.  My breathing had become erratic and I couldn’t catch my breath. I could hear the nurses frantically saying,

     “Breathe, breathe, breathe for me sweetheart!”

But I couldn’t. Then everything started going black as I suddenly began to fall into unconsciousness. My heartbeat stopped, and I sensed the separation, as the ADE began.”