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St Annes Airieal Pic

View of St Annes on the Sea from Above

Living Ghost – Can You See Me?

I’ve already written about how Jesus would take my Spirit during an Actual Death Experience to stand observing and witnessing the words and actions of individuals within their physical lives whom are still living. These people were not able to see my Spirit but many have already confirmed that what I later said they did and spoke about was indeed correct. This proving that the Near Death Experience is NOT an experience generated by illusions or false memories, which so many scientists still claim.

In two Actual Death Experiences Jesus then permitted an even greater miracle to occur, and such no-one could deny took place. In these two ADEs Jesus allowed my Spirit to be seen by three individuals. The first one was in front of two women who were attending a Christening at a Church. It was a very beautiful experience, and had a very positive end result.

However, for the third individual who was allowed to see my Spirit during an Actual Death Experience, the reality of such was not so pleasant for the man concerned and caused him to become terrified of me. In many sense I was indeed a ‘living ghost.’

In this Actual Death Experience, I saw the familiar bright light at the end of the tunnel but instead of moving towards the light as I normally did, the light started to appear as if it was getting smaller, it was as if it was closing upon itself and then suddenly it disappeared.

I found myself floating through the night sky, and I could see houses beneath me with tracks of tiny dotted lights emanating off the street lights. The lights suddenly vanished and I realised, I was above the sandy beach area of where I lived in St Annes.

At that moment, I felt myself descending down through the air and a wave of bright lights appeared in front of me. I realised I was heading towards a row of houses. On impact my Spirit went straight through the balcony window of the house where a man I knew lived, and I found myself standing in his living room, (the living rooms to the houses near the beach are always upstairs – so the owners can enjoy the view of the sand-hills and the sea).

There I stood watching the man I knew who was sitting on his couch reading a newspaper. He suddenly looked up and stared straight at me, and his newspaper fell to the floor. The man jumped up and leaped over the back of his couch, then he started running around his lounge behind his furniture pushing the furniture forwards with his body. His eye contact remained fixed on me, and he looked terrified.

Realising he could see me, I called out his name and held my arms out to him. Suddenly he came rushing towards me with his hand held up in the air and his fist clenched. It was as if he was about to attack me with his fist. At that moment, I felt myself being pulled backwards and out of the balcony doors. As the force pulled me back, I called out his name several times, ‘Trevor.’

On recovering from this Actual Death Experience, I knew I had to go and see this man. I needed to talk to him about what had happened. He had looked so scared and I didn’t want him to be afraid. When I arrived, his house was in darkness. I walked down the driveway deciding to leave him a note in his letterbox.  As I reached the patio door, I felt something crunching underneath my feet, and I realised I was walking on tiny bits of broken glass.  I looked up at his balcony,  and there I saw a giant hole in the balcony door glass. It wasn’t just a crack in the glass rather an actual hole in the middle of the door glass pane. The exact position of where I had entered into his lounge. The hole was the same height and width that would allow an adult to walk in through it.

A week later, I finally saw this man out in Blackpool, and I knew I had to explain to him about my Actual Death Experiences.  But as soon as he saw me, his facial expression changed and a look of fear consumed his features. He stepped backwards and then suddenly ran away – screaming as he passed me, “You’re dangerous.”

It was to be the beginning of a most horrendous time in both our lives……