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Into the Spirit I became and Lord Jesus carried my Spirit away to walk with Him upon the New Earth.

I could see Jesus standing on my left-hand side, and I was stood in front of a building that appeared to be old, as it had a mass of vines creeping up its walls.  It appeared to be the type of house that would have been built in the 1920’s.

Although it seemed to be an old building, and I sensed no-one lived there, every brick radiated the essence of life.  The building itself felt alive. It seemed to emanate love – almost as if it was emitting the love all its previous owners had held for it. At that moment, I suddenly knew it was the old Railway House. It was as if the house itself had told me of its existence.

In the distance, I saw the Spirit of a woman walking towards me and when she reached me, I realised, I had never met her before.

Suddenly I heard myself asking her,

“Where are we?”

The woman smiled warmly, and in answer to my question she replied,

“Have you not heard of Nostradamus?”

Before I could reply, Jesus stepped forward and He said to the woman,

“She is not to know of such things yet.”

On hearing Jesus’ words, the woman bowed respectfully towards Him, and began to step away backwards for she knew it was wrong to turn her back upon Him.

Jesus then returned my Spirit back into my physical body, and breathed life into me once again.

Text From The Book

“After my recovery from this ADE, I had a sense of confusion as I had never heard the word Nostradamus before. But in a friendly conversation with my neighbour Kim Lucock soon after, I did ask her if she knew the meaning of the word Nostradamus. It was she who then told me who Nostradamus was, and in the following weeks I found myself at the local library, (we didn’t have the internet then) reading as many books as I could find about him. 

Over the years I began to realise that some of his quatrains had a direct link to my Actual Death Experiences, and some where translated in Jesus’ Who Am I? Prophecies; especially ones that predicted the coming of a new Spiritual Leader within the 21st century.  

It has to be remembered that Jesus has been walking amongst man within His Spiritual body most certainly since 1987, when my ADEs first began to the present day.”

How do we scientifically prove that Jesus has been walking amongst man in His Spiritual body most certainly since 1987? And when we do prove it what will this mean to us? To mankind? To the world? Faith tells us that Jesus is in heaven looking down upon us, and therefore nothing we do goes unnoticed by Him. Some faiths teach that Jesus is around us everywhere. He is present in everything that we do…..

So when I have witnessed that He is ‘actually’ walking amongst man within His Spiritual body since 1987 – I always tend to receive a smile and a nod of acceptance, as if, I am just simply verifying the faith that Jesus is around us everywhere but I am not.

I am claiming that Jesus has ‘returned to man.’ He has returned within His Spiritual body – the same body that He ascended up to heaven after His crucifixion.  He has come again with His new divine teachings, (His Who Am I? Prophecies) teaching us about God and about Love, and how we can from His new Teachings begin to heal the world from its current chaotic existence. His Teachings also explore the human consciousness – revealing its origins and structure, and how we are about to enter a phase of human evolution. So it is not just a case that He has been present amongst mankind but that He has also spoken.

In many of my Actual Death Experiences, Jesus carried my Spirit to stand with Him within the physical lives of living people, as they went about their daily routine. I was there in the Spirit standing next to Jesus observing everything these individuals did and said – their words and their actions. These people could not see me, as I was in my Spiritual body – just as Jesus was in His. At the time that this ‘witnessing’ was taking place, I was experiencing the physical death. I had flat-lined.  Therefore it is scientifically impossible that I could have been present at the time in the physical body, and perhaps just overheard what these individuals were saying or was able to see their actions.

So what does this all mean? It means exactly what I have just written, ‘Man has been within the Visitation of Christ.’ Jesus has come again. For if you take me out of the situation – what are you left with? You are left with Jesus standing there within His Spiritual body observing everything these individuals were doing and saying, even their ‘thoughts.’ It is true He hears and sees truly everything. Imagine the impact that acknowledgement will have upon people in proving the reality of such!

If you allow your mind to grasp the reality of these miracles that occurred during my Actual Death Experiences, you will realise this is not only life changing but it is also world changing – and changing the world is certainly a reality that we need to do now.

On my recovery from the ADE, I would then write down everything I saw the individuals say and do. Where they were. Who they were with. What they said. What they did. Then when I later saw the individual, I would tell them everything I saw and heard and they would confirm it to be true. (Three people were actually allowed to ‘see’ my Spirit standing there watching them but I will write about these particular ADEs later).

Some readers might question, “But how do I know she isn’t just inventing the concept of these miracles to make us believe in her ADEs? But what if the individuals who have confirmed she is telling the truth about what she heard and saw are just a group of people who are her friends, and they are only saying such is true as an elaborate hoax who just want fame and attention?”

Although I would truly like to think that no-one is so desperate for attention that they would willingly put themselves through the public scrutiny that would surely follow their confirmation but sadly there are some people who would do almost anything for fame. It is the way of the world we are living in; especially with the invention of social media.

It is for the reason I pen above that I believe Jesus ensured His miracle would never come to be tarnished with the accusations of falsehood.  For He didn’t just take my Spirit to stand observing the words and actions of the physical lives of people who I knew, in fact most of them where of individuals who would have no reason or gain to confirm the ADE must of happened because I wouldn’t have been able to write down what I did if it hadn’t occurred.

I also feel it is most appropriate that Jesus chose the individuals he did.  One of such was a British Prime Minister, another a top politician – making the Government a witness to His miracle. Then we have the Crown as a witness to His miracle with the involvement of a member of the Royal Family.  We also have the Church. I’m sure I don’t have to reveal who that involved.

Jesus ensured physical proof of His miracles would be accessible by everyone, (the general public) but first you have to ask for it – and only those who want to know can do that…..

To learn more about my Actual Death Experiences – please see my book – ‘A Journey of Actual Death Experiences’  available now.