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In the Spirit I rose up out of my physical body, and became of the Afterlife.  I hovered in mid-air and beneath me I could see my lifeless physical body lying upon my bed.  Then I felt myself drifting along as I moved towards the bedroom window.

I passed through the bedroom window – out into the openness.  I held myself suspended in mid-air, then suddenly I felt myself flying through the starlit sky at great speed.  I flew upwards, past the drifting clouds, and I heard myself call out the name of Jesus.  The wind brushed against my face as I flew through the air.

A familiar sense of calmness engulfed my entire senses, and I felt the presence of Christ to my left-hand side.  Suddenly a huge bright glowing white light was upon me.  In a moment’s rush the heavens lit up intensely and I felt myself being absorbed into the white light.

I felt myself being gently guided downwards. Then I found myself walking down the corridor within a large building.

The surface of the wooden floor shone with a glimmering light, and along the walls the glass in the wood-framed windows sparkled brightly.  It was breathtaking.  I could feel the essence of creativity in every brick.

A moment later I reached a door to a room, and there I saw two strong-looking men standing outside the room on each side of the door.  I knew only that the two men were there for security, as you could not go into this room unless you had been invited.  When the two men saw me they instantly moved away from the door to allow me to enter.

There inside the room I saw the Spirit of the late Walt Disney. He was standing behind a desk, and I knew he had been expecting me. Then I suddenly heard myself saying to him,

“I want you to teach me the magic of being a storyteller, and in exchange I will share with you the Fairy Tale Jesus has given me.”

Walt smiled and seemed to be pondering upon my words. Then he replied,

“I admire your cheek!” He stepped backwards, and with a wave of his hand a three-foot animated Mickey Mouse appeared, followed by a three-foot animated Donald Duck. The two characters began chasing each other around the room, and I heard Walt laugh, and then he spoke the words,

“Shall we get started then?”

Text From The Book

……………….. ‘In the years that followed, Jesus took my spirit within my Actual Death Experiences on many occasions to meet again with the spirit of Walt Disney. In many ways I became his apprentice, his novice, and as he took me under his wing The Snowmites story-lines took on a whole new lease of life. To say Walt worked me hard is an understatement. Everything he taught me oozed with magic. But incredibly, it wasn’t just an endless flight of fantasy; everything he taught me had an element of common sense: “It’s not believable if people cannot relate to your story. Put yourself in the story. Become the story. Become the characters.”

And that is exactly what I did. Within my ADEs, I became my character Zandeer the beautiful spirit of children, and I went in search for the mysterious crystal of life.’ …………… 

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