Dear Reader,

As outlined in my ‘Note To Reader’ post I set a goal to share with you my readers the personal narrative that was the foundation of my published book – ‘A Journey Of Actual Death Experiences’. This is my first recount of my diary entries that I originally penned on; 02/04/2013 – so now four years later we will review and offer fresh perspective of my penned entry.

Originally Authored: 02/04/2013 [00:00] GMT

Each day brings me a better understanding for everything.  Sometime in the early 90’s, I had an ADE in which Jesus showed me what was to become of the actual Church building of Our Lady’s Star of the Sea. I saw that the church building was being dismantled piece by piece. When I saw this, I thought, ‘oh my! why is this happening?’

When I first began writing the Who Am I? Prophecies of Jesus (early 1993 – 1996). Jesus instructed me to surrender His prophecies to Father Carey of  Our Lady’s Star of the Sea, Catholic Church, upon these pages Jesus revealed to Father Carey that the Catholic Church would come under attack.

Father Carey promised he would come and visit me to discuss Jesus’ Who Am I? Prophecies and His new divine teachings but he never did.

Every time, I saw Father Carey out in the square, I would beg him to visit me and he continued to promise he would – reassuring me that he believed I was telling the truth about being with Christ in the Spirit. But still he never came.

Many times I would seek him out at the Church itself. Fretful and fearing I was doing something wrong. I would throw myself down on the floor within the Church in front of Father Carey, my heart obviously breaking, the tears falling in gushes from my eyes, and I would call out to him. “I am telling you the truth. It is Jesus who has come again.” Father Carey would just simply smile and reply, “I know you are child.”

Many years later Jesus took my Spirit in an Actual Death Experience and showed me the truth of Father Carey. In such,  I saw whenever Father Carey saw another brown envelope with my familiar handwriting in his post box, he would mutter, ‘oh no! Not another one.’

Being shown Father Carey’s truth broke my heart for I had been waiting for him for such a long time.

You cannot say or agree that you will receive something in the Lords name and then do nothing about it; especially if you have promised you will do something, for in this you are being of untruth.

But it is easy to now see, Father Carey didn’t believe me as he said he did. If his words had been of truth then he would have done something about those biblical revelations of Jesus’ Who Am I? Prophecies. And so Father Carey’s ‘untruth’ took him away from God’s light and protection, and opened the door to permit the ‘dragon’ to attack his Church. And just as Jesus foretold within His Who Am I? Spiritual Prophecies – the devil was going to plague the Catholic Church, and it did.

The day has drained me. I am so tired now, and wishing I could have a natural sleep again.  We have been given so many wonderful things. The future is going to be very exciting.  I understand and I accept, I will be revealing some-things that not everyone is going to like but His Who Am I? Prophecies are Jesus’ teachings not mine.

Let it be of understanding – “Do you believe this woman is with Christ in the Spirit? If you do as you claim – then you should be speaking of His Who Am I? Spiritual Prophecies to your congregation. Your silence shouts to God, “I do not believe her.” If this is your truth then tell the woman you do not believe her, and only then are you standing in truth in the Lords name.”

End of Entry.

Four Years On …

As I reflect back on this entry I still have a sense of sadness surrounding the memory of Father Carey. My sorrow now is not for Farther Carey’s actions but more so for what became of the Church in the years that followed 1993.

Before Jesus instructed me to surrender His Who Am I? Prophecies to Farther Carey I had no association with Catholic Church. However I could see the wisdom in Jesus’ instructions to give these teachings to the Church, as the Church itself has become a vital important aspect of many communities throughout the world. It seems logical that He would use this medium to once again spread his new teachings of peace, love and compassion.

It is easy to pen as I did in these diary entries of 2013 that the Church has been under attack. The exposure of paedophilia within the Church over the years has ripped its foundation apart, resulting in millions of the faithful finding themselves questioning the actions of the Church, and many were unable to continue being part of the Church’s community.

Although the sexual abuse scandal became of the public domain in the 90’s. In the early 90’s when Jesus’ Who Am I? Prophecies were first being authored, we did not have computers or the internet as we do now, so public knowledge of such in the beginning was limited. However, in His Who Am I? Spiritual Prophecies Jesus warned the Church about paedophilia and its consequences, not only within the Church but also within our communities.

I often wonder if the Church had acknowledged His Who Am I? Prophecies as they were being actually written, (1993-1996)   then would the Church have confronted the issues of sexual abuse differently? I believe it most certainly would have. I also believe the victims (all victims) could have found peace sooner – in the knowledge of knowing regardless of whether the abuser was a man of the cloth, a millionaire, or a member of the community – they would all come to stand before Him with their truth.

I can only tell you what I saw happening to the Spirit of one man who chose to live his life as a paedophile. He appeared to all, to be of a strong Christian faith, a wealthy man who had worked hard all his life, and was seen as a pillar of the community…. His fate was no different from all those who committed these crimes against innocence.

In Jesus’ Who Am I? Prophecies, He refers to these teachings as ‘the Dancing Demons of the Evil Mind.’

In one particular Actual Death Experience, I came to witness Jesus sewing a torn garment. When I asked Him ‘why was it that He was holding the needle to sew the damaged cloth, when surely such a tedious chore could be given to one of His disciples?’

Jesus replied, “I am mending the broken societies.”

Text From The Book

 “In the distance I saw what seemed like a tremendous dark cloud, like a giant tornado raging towards us at a great speed destroying everything within its path.  It roared towards us echoing the sounds of an almighty deafening thunder, and it was far darker, far louder than anything my Spirit had ever seen or heard before.  As it neared, I saw it appeared to have a huge wide mouth, and it seemed to take the position of being below to where we were standing.”……..   

            ‘and at that very moment, I saw the mouth of darkness swallow up his Spirit.’