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Many readers will probably be wondering, “What are Jesus’ Spiritual Prophecies that she keeps referring too? Are they passages from the Bible? or are they translations of scripture?

The definitive answer is ‘no’ – His Spiritual Prophecies are Jesus’ new divine teachings, and therefore didn’t exist before late 1992 – early1993.

I began having Actual Death Experiences in 1987, and in every single ADE I encountered Jesus. He was the one always waiting for me as I experienced the physical death and passed over into the afterlife. During the years 1987 to early 1992 – the ADEs only occurred every few months. The long period of absence between them did allow me, (from recovery) to live a normal life. But that all changed in the latter part of 1992.

In August 1992, I became a victim of a serious sexual assault within my physical life. The method of the assault was so horrifying that as it was occurring I experienced such a tremendous deep shock everything around me turned into slow motion. It was similar to what happens to soldiers’ when they witness an horrific scence. It was as if I was standing by within the room witnessing the assault rather than being the actual victim.

Following the assault, I could not bring the memory of such to penetrate my thoughts. Every time it tried to surface, fear gripped my sense of being, and I would shake violently. At first I didn’t realise that the shock I had experienced had altered my state of consciousness, resulting in my conscious perception changing. I began suffering from an extreme pain in my head, it was a constant burning sensation, so severe that at times, I couldn’t even move my head or let anyone touch it.

And so His Who Am I? Spiritual Prophecies began…..

I began having the ADEs more frequently, often on a weekly basis, and during the recovery stages I would enter into a trans-state of consciousness where my higher consciousness, (the Spiritual Mind) became my primary consciousness, and then I would begin penning the prophecies. I had no control over the writings, which revealed Jesus as being both the Teacher and as the son of God.

They penned His spoken words with immense revelations of an unconditional love and wisdom. He gave severe warnings, and how we would come to evolve as a human race. He predicted events within the future that then happened. He revealed the existence of the New Heaven and a New Earth. He warned the Church of the ‘Dancing demons of the Evil Mind.’ He spoke of the physical death and of the Spiritual birth. How little we actually understood His purpose. He spoke of our salvation, and of our trust. He explained the composition of the Human Consciousness. He was now also explaining the reason for my ADEs, and everything He had been teaching my Spirit since 1987.

I was always very poorly just before and after an ADE occurred, and although I was still passing through the white light during my experiences – I also began experiencing ADEs, where Jesus  was taking my Spirit to witness the physical lives of people who were still alive.

There I would stand next to Jesus observing the words spoken and the actions of the individuals around me. These miracle sightings came to be included within His prophecies, and then later confirmed to be accurate by the individual concerned. It wasn’t always just a random individual, (who I’d then later meet within my physical life) or a person known to me. Many of them involved well-known public figures. The Church, The Crown and The Government.

For the benefit of a scientific viewpoint – these particular styled ADEs do go against the present argument  in which science considers an ADE, (NDE) is nothing more than an illusion or a false memory.

His Who Am I? Prophecies not only give answers for a science involvement but they also reveal a miracle beyond our words. If you  just briefly take me out of the equation – forget I was also standing in the Spirit next to Jesus observing the words and actions of the individuals involved, and what are you left with?

You are left with Him with Jesus Himself standing within the physical lives of people – witnessing everything they are doing and saying. He wasn’t in heaven looking down upon them. He was standing right next to them. He was once again actually walking amongst man.