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jesus 2

I stood gazing around at my surroundings.  The mountains of clouds folded into each other, blanketing my view in every direction.  I was a lone figure amidst a sanctuary of light.  I reached down and trailed my hand through the soft, flowing, velvety white clouds.  As my hand gently passed through the smoothness, the clouds scattered in slow motion, floating upwards and drifting along in the air. I was able to make things move here in this world.  In a world where I was standing in the Spirit.  The existence of life without the physical body.  I belonged to this world.  I have finally returned home.  There was not a sound to be heard.  The stillness of silence lingered all around me, yet I knew, I knew, I was being touched by the very essence of life itself.  Sensing the glorious setting of harmony, I felt at peace here in this world.  I did not want to close my eyes upon the beauty before me; not wanting even the darkness of a blink from the flutter of my eyelids to take me away from this spiritual utopia.

Alerting my attention, I caught sight of a small group of people in the distance walking towards me.  I could hear them individually speaking to me through the vibrations of their footsteps.  I knew only not to concern myself with thoughts questioning their identity, for everything would be revealed to me, and I had nothing to fear.  Within moments they were all standing by my side, and they gathered around me in a horseshoe circle.  I noticed they were all male, and dressed in long, off-white flowing robes.  Without any vocal sound being made, I heard one of them say,

“We are the true disciples of Jesus.”

I remained silent. I understood his words but I was unable to utter a sound.

Suddenly, the sole figure of a man walked out from behind the clouds.  He stepped forward and stood directly in front of me.  His presence emanated a majestic aura, which bestowed an immense beauty of magnificence.  The sudden sense of ‘knowing’ captured my entire being.  Instinctively I knew this man was Jesus, yet still I was unable to say anything.

I became aware of His disciples gently guiding me within my thoughts: Honour the Son of God.  Immediately I lowered my head to bow respectfully before Him, and finally I was able to speak.

“Are you my Lord Jesus?” I heard myself asking Him. I don’t know why I had asked Him this question.  I knew without any uncertainty He was Jesus. There was no mistaking the ambience I felt in His presence – the purity of an unconditional love, asserting great authority.  Then He spoke.

“Why do you ask Child, do you not know?”  His tone was commanding, yet also soothing.  I fell to my knees, overwhelmed with remorse.  Why had I asked such a foolish question when I knew who He was?  Did I truly have so little faith in my own senses?

Jesus placed a large wooden cross in the form of a necklace over my head.  The height of the cross touched my knees, and I heard Him say, “Do not be afraid Child, for you shall always be protected.” 

There I remained upon my knees, surrounded by His disciples, as Jesus turned and walked back into His heavenly paradise.  A moment later, I was back in my physical body.

Text From The Book

……………….. ‘It may have been minutes or even hours later.  I do not know for certain how long it takes for me to return back into my physical body after an Actual Death Experience.  The concept of time seems to have no significance over the events occurring when I am in the Spirit, regardless of whether I am having the Actual Death Experience or I am back in my physical body, and waiting for my heart to start beating again.’ ……. 

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