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Surprise, Surprise!

It was a day I will never forget, the phone rang and I picked it up and I heard my friend Kim Dunn on the other end. She could hardly contain her excitement; she said to me “I am going on Cilla Black’s Surprise Surprise Show, please say you will come with me Bev”. “Brilliant” I replied; curious this wasn’t something that would normally happen in our lives. “Why are you appearing?” I asked; I wanted to know more, Kim began to explain “I wrote to Cilla asking if she could find my long lost uncle for me and she has found him; so we are going to London to be reunited”.

A week later me and Kim were busy getting ready in the hotel room provided by the studio; it was so posh, we were in our element. Everything had been arranged for us; we had hair-dressers, make-up and other professionals attending to us – it was a proper day of pampering.

Sitting in the audience with Kim I was so pleased she was about to be reunited with her long lost uncle. Cilla Black introduced Alfred Marks, he sat down on a lone chair positioned in the centre stage and then began to speak. “Once upon a time there were some little creatures called The Snowmites”. I felt the colour drain from my face; had I heard correctly? Alfred continued “Two of them Fluo & Gyp decided on an outing…”.

Fluo & Gyp flashed up on screen; I had heard correctly these were my characters that I had spent the last year writing about for a children’s book. Suddenly it dawned on me and I realised what was happening, I had been HAD!! Kim looking cheekily at me laughed. She had lured me down there to the studio on false pretences we weren’t there for her uncle, she had wrote in to the programme and told them all about my Snowmite stories.

Cilla called me down to her famous sofa; my legs felt weak as my heart began to race, I was convinced that I was going to fall flat on my face and make a total fool of myself on national television.

Cilla was gracious and regal when asking me about my stories; even though I was shaking as I sat next to her. Here was a national celebrity and she was talking about me – I couldn’t believe it. We sat back as Alfred Marks finished reciting my story ‘Gyp’s Brave Adventure’. He spoke with a deep velvety voice filled with warmth; almost hypnotic. But to my surprise even when Alfred had finished the story Cilla still had another surprise install for me.

“But were not finished with you yet Beverley; we’ve got one more little surprise for you” said Cilla as she chuckled. “Oh your Kim sitting out there is a bit of a dibble you know” continued Cilla in her famous scouse accent, I was bewildered what other surprise could she possibly mean. “Yes she wrote and told me all about your school friend who you haven’t seen for years, you’ve been trying to get in touch with her desperately and with no luck. But we got our experts to work at this; and we found your old school friend and here she is” Cilla paused, the twinkle of mischief reflected in her eyes. “Say hello to Mandy, remember Mandy? – Mandy Hughs” announced Cilla.

It was a wonderful night we went on to celebrate in our nation’s capital, we all went dancing, and Mandy and I shared our life’s stories. We were best friends again; like we once were as children.

You can watch the Surprise Surprise & People Today on Youtube.

You can purchase Island of Ice & The Snowmites on Amazon UK.

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