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Dear Reader,

As outlined in my ‘Note To Reader’ post I set a goal to share with you my readers the personal narrative that was the foundation of my published book – ‘A Journey Of Actual Death Experiences’. This is my first recount of my diary entries that I originally penned on; 01/04/2013 – so now four years later we will review and offer fresh perspective of my penned entry.

Diary 1

Originally Authored: 01/04/2013 [00:00] GMT

I wonder if Jesus’ journey of my spirit will become of the public domain after today! Or is that part of His journey still months, years away? It has been such a long time and I am so very, very tired. I have been sensing a lot of movement around me! I know the house is going to be empty soon. I wonder who will respond first; will it be the Church or will it be the world-wide web? Alison, will find her tears. The feeling of a great weight upon her; she as with all the others have been blessed by the healing of Jesus for her life. The heavy reality – she has been carrying the cross of Jesus on her shoulders. I often wonder how all the others are doing now in their lives! all I can say is I know at the the end, they will all find their love.

End of Entry.

Four Years On …

It has now been four years later and in many ways I am still waiting. Although perhaps I could write that I have now answered my own question – in writing this blog and in having my book published, it will be the world-wide web that comes first before the Churches with Jesus’s journey of my Spirit and his new divine teachings.

I can say that I did try – I tried with every ounce of energy that I had left to do as Jesus had instructed my Spirit.  In one particular Actual Death Experience – He revealed that He wanted me to take His new teachings to the Churches.

It was serious, and I needed the Churches to listen, as it was of His wish that the Churches enlighten the people. All the representatives I encountered apart from two conveyed that they believed I was with Christ in the Spirit. I left each encounter feeling fulfilled and happy, I had done everything Jesus had asked of me then I waited with baited breath – waited for the celebrations to begin.  But nothing happened.

The moment I had walked out of the Church I had been forgotten and my truth had subsequently been dismissed.

Finally 2016 I could wait no more for the Churches and so I wrote my book, but I knew that I had to give it one more try before publication. I sent a copy of the finished manuscript to the Archbishop of Canterbury and he replied that he believed me, he then further instructed me to go out and speak to “like-minded Christians” in order to gain authenticity. I left a copy of the manuscript with a senior minister of a local church – St. John the Divine; the minister Ann Wood agreed at the behest of the Archbishop to make a report of her findings.

A month later when I met with her at the vicarage, she informed me to my disappointment that she could not find Jesus in the book. Ann compared what I had written to the text of the New Testament; failing to see that these were His new teachings. The saddest aspect of it all is that we could of proved so easily Jesus’ journey of my Spirit if only the Churches had truly believed me.

It has been a miracle without question, every single person whom I have encountered, in my physical life since 1992 has been affected in one way or another. Once they became of my company I felt myself reflecting back to the person; the truth of their own hearts.

Alison was just one lady; she was a beautiful woman who believed in Jesus with all her heart. but she lived her life with the heavy burden of trying to please everyone. Even those who did not understand her love, it made her sad and this sadness created a negative energy that entered her life. I can only hope that the reflection of truth of Alison’s heart was able to heal the pain she was feeling.

Jesus does not want us to be sad in our love for him.

Love & Peace.