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WhatsApp Image 2017-04-04 at 5.14.03 PMDear Reader,

For those who may have clicked on this page by chance and have yet to read anything about me – I live with a chronic medical condition known as ‘ADE’ – Actual Death Experiences, (aka Near Death Experiences). It is where I experience the physical death and subsequently undergo a spiritual journey, only to then come back from death and live once more with the full memory of what transpired during my Actual Death Experience.

Recently, I finished writing and had published a book titled ‘A Journey of Actual Death Experiences’ in which I describe several ADEs and then I give the reason behind why I had the experience. In many ways the book is a finished, polished examination of my condition – written from the perspective view as a woman and mother of children rather than a science viewpoint.

I would now like to start sharing with my readers a more personal narrative, exploring together the raw materials, which detail the first hand ‘thinking process’ which offers insight into the exposed emotional feelings and understanding that I experienced before and after an ADE. The feelings of love, anger, fear, acceptance and the rejection and how I had to adjust my life to be able to live with the perpetual experiences of the physical death.

During one particular period, April 2013 to May 2015, I became bedridden. The physical effect the ADEs had upon my health was so severe, I could not function normally. I suffered from paralyse, episodes of blindness and total deafness.

When I was able, I became overwhelmed with a need to write, and I began writing hand-written diary entries. I was writing in a trans-state of consciousness – asking questions and revealing my feelings on one level of consciousness, and then answering myself from the level of my higher consciousness – my spiritual mind.  In many sense it can be deemed that I was simply ‘writing myself back to recovery.’

In this blog it is my intention to share with my readers extracts of the actual diary entries, and I will discuss how I now feel about the words I penned.  I want to take my readers on the emotional journey I experienced – encourage comments from my readers, and together start an online debate, ‘the Human Consciousness (SOUL) project.’ The aim is to open up a channel of awareness for the Actual Death Experience for people interested in the phenomena, and also to allow other people who have experienced an ADE or NDE to discuss their own inner-most feelings without the fear of rejection or being considered as suffering from a mental health issue.

In my ADE’s, I have been shown that the human consciousness is the core of our spiritual essence.  Over the last three decades we have seen a peak in public interest  for the existence of an Afterlife, and scientific investigations exploring the ADE, and investigations in trying to also establish the origin of the human consciousness.

Many scientists believe that the human consciousness is merely a by-product of the brain, and that the Actual Death Experience or Near Death experience is nothing more but an illusion or  an visual episode triggered from false memories.

I am no scientist, and I certainly wouldn’t consider myself to be on the same intellectual level but I do know what I have experienced, every emotion I have felt and all the teachings that Jesus has taught me from the Actual Death experiences that I’ve had.

In such, I can write without hesitation that the origin of the human consciousness is the spiritual energy that connects us all together within the universe, and that it does truly ‘exist and change’ post-death, and it is not a by-product of the brain.  I can also write without hesitation that the physical death is a transition of human consciousness, and we exist in a state of awareness within an afterlife.

In every single Actual Death Experience I have encountered Jesus and although many people will assume that His involvement is associated to a particular religion – Christianity and etc. I know from my many encounters with Him that the notion of religion does not exist within the Spirit. This has led me to understand that even though the world may harbour many different religious teachings of Him. His teachings are actually universal and without the scrutiny of religion, therefore I can conclude that religion holds no position within the Afterlife, only the glory of His name and His presence.

The Actual Death Experience is a doorway to a means of discovery –  helping us to learn how to live our physical lives in a more constructive and peaceful way – united together as one in the positive energy of love that is the origin of the spirit – the consciousness………

Love & Peace.