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Beverley Gilmour

Beverley Gilmour has lived with chronic Actual-death Experiences since 1987. Her Actual-death Experiences occur frequently, often as many as three to four times a month. She is the only known medical case in the world to be currently treated by the medical sector for chronic Actual-death Experiences and she is also registered disabled for the condition.

Beverley began her writing career as Children’s Author in 1986; creating a series of fantasy characters, ‘The Snowmites’ and she secured a publishing deal in 1991. Inspired by experiencing many encounters with the spirit of the late Walt Disney during her Actual-death Experiences, she re-vamped her characters and story-lines and her first book, ‘Island of Ice and the Snowmites’ Found Here was published in 2009.

In 2017 Beverley released her second book entitled ‘A Journey Of Actual Death Experiences – Who Am I? The New Divine Teachings of Jesus’. Found Here but unlike her children fantasy book, her new book takes us on a journey of the last thirty years of Beverley’s life living with Actual-death Experiences and details compelling accounts of the experiences of the afterlife and what awaits us all once we have passed over.

It is Beverley’s intention to prove not just in spirituality but also science combined as detailed in her book, that the human consciousness not only exists after the physical death; but also exists and ‘changes’ post-death. Beverley hopes to form and grow a new project the ‘Human Consciousness Scientific Observational Learning’ [SOUL] Project; changing the way the scientific world understands the Actual-death Experience and the impact it has on the “experiencer” itself.

She now spends her time writing screenplays inspired by her Actual-death Experiences, and she holds private consultations to help people understand their Ade. She is also involved in giving public presentations on Actual-Death Experiences.

Beverley graduated from The University of Central Lancashire after studying an honours degree in Film, Television and Screen-writing. In September 2017, she will be returning to the University to study her MA in Publishing

Her true life story is as inspiring as it is frightening. Now for the very first time, she opens her heart and her life to share with the world, her graphic accounts of both life and death.

Updated March 2017